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March 1, 2016






play time at Orchard Beach / after the storm / Marine Park / visiting grandma at the Poconos (zero F! brr) / playground days

Restarting my blog (again) after almost a year-long radio silence. I was tempted to start with a clean slate, deleting all the previous posts, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it as some of them are good memories or favorite photos or recipes that I reference to. So I settled for a clean-up, deleting posts that I have no fondness of anymore, and (very) slight changes to the layout.

A lot has happened in the past year. We moved back to Brooklyn and it was absolutely the right decision for us. George and I agree that life is fuller here. It was a dream to move away from NYC and start a life in a quieter place, but I guess I’m more of a city girl than I realized. Time to find another dream (wink). We are also expecting our second munchkin in the next few weeks. So excited! And scared (labor and delivery is no joke). At least we won’t be dealing with an out-of-state relocation, moving twice in my last month of pregnancy, a new job, and setting up a new place while taking care of a newborn this time around. Lessons learned :)

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