Snow, sun, and beef stew




March 10, 2013

I’m doing a week-in-review type of post, hoping that this will help organize my thoughts.

: I cleaned the fridge. Hurrah! This is a cause for celebration in a home where domestically challenged people live. I’m not even going to say when the last time this was done. Too embarrassing.

: Installed Ubuntu Linux on my old netbook. This thing has been collecting dust (and viruses) and I feel bad because it was really useful when I was a student. Here’s my chance to learn something new.


: It was nice to have a couple of snow days during the week…


: …and it was nice to have a sunny and clear weekend. I love the seasons and the changes they bring. We had a lot of snow this winter, and that’s the way it should be. Now I miss the green and the colors outside. I’m excited that spring is coming.


: Because of recent changes, I am now able to spend evenings and weekends with George. It’s such a luxury and I’m grateful. It’s hard to get used to a new routine so I made a daily schedule to have some kind of structure. I want to make good use of the free time I have now while there’s free time to be had.

: Getting some evening reading time. Good book, cozy couch and blanket, hot cup of tea – this is the life!


: After a week of sardine dinners (which I actually like just not too often) and buying dinner, it was good to have a home-cooked meal. We spent most of Saturday food shopping and cooking. We have beef stew and chicken stock to show for it. The stew will be enough for at least two more meals. Next time we’ll have to half the recipe; more than two nights of the same dinner can be too much. Chicken stock will be ready when we’re in the mood to make soup.


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