Great Brook Trail




September 17, 2014





above : trailhead and purple blazes / bench at the overlook / beavers’ handiwork / shrooms

Last weekend we headed out to Deerfield for a nature walk. We were looking for a quiet and easy trail that’s more of a hike through the forest rather than a mountain climb. Great Brook Trail did not disappoint. While we liked the trail, we went unprepared and only saw a small part of it. I think it was partly because of the sudden change of weather, and really, we’re just out of hiking form. Besides warmer clothes, we could have worn hiking boots. I have a tendency to roll my ankles, did just that three weeks ago, and ended up with a sprained ankle. It’s mostly healed but I still get a little twinge here and there. Anyway, we decided we will go back and explore this spot again.

Speaking of weather, I’m so glad that fall is around the corner. I love the cooler temps and can’t wait for the fall foliage. Not that we had a really hot summer (George calls this year The Year of the Lost Summer) but it’s always been my least favorite season. The unbearable heat, the stickiness, and the bugs! You can call me the summer grinch.

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