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March 4, 2014

Family and friends. This is a given, and has nothing to do with New York City really. But, I miss loved ones the most and this list would be incomplete without them.

FOOD! Yes, food! I miss the usual suspects, like bagels and pizza, and the variety of food available in the city. In our old Brooklyn neighborhood, we had lots of small (and inexpensive) places to eat – from Turkish gyro to Vietnamese pho to Italian pastry shops and everything in between. Good sushi can be from a small, unassuming restaurant. And, of course, there’s the rest of the city when you feel like trying something new.


Although I enjoyed having access to different kinds of food, there’s nothing I like better than a home-cooked meal. It was good to have produce stores, butcher shops, and seafood places, where we can count on things to be fresh.

Our apartment. While I don’t particularly miss apartment living, I miss our old place. It was home for almost 3 years and the memories are good. I remember the sunsets, our summer garden, our tiny but cozy living room, and the also tiny kitchen where we experimented and learned how to cook together.

Places. I loved the many parks and beaches of the city. One of my favorite things to do was to go to the beach in winter when it’s quiet and not too crowded. We used to go to Coney Island or Caesar’s Bay on weekends, and we’d eat lunch while we looked out the ocean or watched the ships and the boats. I remember going to the beach during a storm; it was so windy and we could hardly see anything through the ocean spray, and the only other person there was a guy with a camera. And going to Inwood Park during a blizzard just because it was fun. Pre-baby days, gotta love them ;)


Coney Island pier (photo credit: George)

Walking. I miss being able to walk to almost anywhere. I didn’t need a car for basic things like food shopping, the post office, or the bank. We used to step out in the evenings for a walk around the neighborhood, to go to the park, and to see family.

The subway. I have a love-hate thing with the NY subway system. It’s dirty, smelly, your personal space is constantly invaded, you need to be on the lookout for weirdos or phone/purse snatchers, and there’s too many angry people. But, the subway took me where I needed or wanted to go.


the Q train (photo credit: George)

There are other intangible things. I like the anonymity since I tend to be a loner and shy away from too much social interaction. Strange as it may sound, this gives you privacy in a place where people are packed 27,550/square mile. Living in the city can be tough and unforgiving, but the place is also full of life and energy. As Myrna Loy said, “Something’s always happening here. If you’re bored in New York, it’s your own fault.”

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