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February 4, 2015





I’ve been in a funk for a few days and it’s proving hard to shake off. Other than feeling down for no apparent reason, it’s so hard to get anything started. I like to get the busy and tedious chores (laundry, cleaning, etc) out of the way early in the week and that frees up the rest of the week for more enjoyable things like working on projects, experimenting in the kitchen, walks, or more involved one-on-one time with my little booger. Well, Wednesday is almost over and the vacuum is still standing behind the couch.

I haven’t been sleeping well for the past couple of months and I think it’s catching up on me. Our former good sleeper started having trouble at bedtime and waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning every other night. We don’t exactly know what’s going on but in the mix would be holiday travels, getting sick, and teething. We’ve been trying different things – changing nap times, length of naps, bed time, co-sleeping, crying it out – with no consistent results. I’m trying not to stress about it too much. Like every challenging phase we’ve seen so far, this too shall pass.


A short list of new recipes I want to try :

Whole wheat bread (this could be fun!)
Apple Dutch baby
Spaghetti with parmesan, pine nuts and brown butter sauce

Carbs, carbs and more carbs :)

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  • fonse. says:

    Give this a try: have her play like crazy from 7PM-9PM – run around etc then bathe her. That should knock her out ’til the morning.

    • Lorie says:

      Running around/climbing, that’s what she does all day, everyday. The boundless energy of toddlers. Somehow she got back to sleeping through the night. It’s been a week now and I feel the difference!

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