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August 1, 2013

I realized not too long after I started blogging that I will never be a successful blogger. For one thing I write sporadically, even though I tried to post on a regular basis when I revived LoriesPlace at the beginning of the year. I also noticed that successful bloggers are one of two things —

1) an expert, or passionate about a specific subject, e.g. cooking, baking, diy, fashion, design, OR
2) willing to share many aspects of their personal lives, e.g. lifestyle, family/children

…and I fit neither of these categories. I don’t have it in me to focus on one, single interest. And, I find myself not willing to share parts of my personal life. Even on social websites, specifically Facebook, I hold back. Who knows, though, things might change in the future. Or not. :)

Oh, let’s not forget about my limited writing skills. English is my second language. Yep, that’s my excuse.

For now, let it be a diary of random posts and photos.


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